Circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia

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Circuit Ricardo Tormo Valencia


Circuit Ricardo Tormo, officially named Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo, is the home of the MotoGP calendar’s final race of the season, the Valencia GP.

Located in Cheste, Valencia, the track was named after the late Spanish motorcycling champion Ricardo Tormo. Built in 1998 and inaugurated in 1999, Valencia was added to MotoGP’s calendar in the same year and has remained ever since.

The circuit has previously hosted Formula 1, Formula E, and GP3 tests, rounds of the FIA GT Championship, World Touring Car Championship, European Le Mans Series, DTM, Superbike World Championship, and GP2. Aside from MotoGP, the Spanish Superbike Championship and FIM CEV Repsol also hold annual races in Valencia.

The 4.0km, 12 meter-wide, anti-clockwise circuit consists of 9 left-handed turns, 5 right-handed turns, and a longest straight of 876 meters. Turns 1 and 2 are the best places for overtaking, while the long Turn 13 is considered the most challenging turn at the circuit. It may seem too tight for MotoGP bikes, but with the track set in a natural amphitheater, the fans are treated to an unparalleled view of the action, with the furthest point of the track at most a kilometer away, no matter where you sit or stand.

Being the final race of the season ensures a party atmosphere throughout the race weekend for the 120,000 spectators the circuit can accommodate. Circuit Ricardo Tormo has won the IRTA Best Grand Prix Award several times (2003, 2004, 2006), and is regarded as one of the best modern circuits in the world.

After being the home of Formula E testing since the series was established, Circuit Ricardo Tormo staged its first race for the series in April 2021.

Upcoming Events

Learn more about major events at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in 2023/2024

How to get there

Circuit Ricardo Tormo is located 20km west of Valencia, Spain’s third largest city.

  • Valencia Airport (VLC), just 15km from the circuit, offers regular flights to all corners of Europe and is a major hub for discount carriers Ryanair and Vueling.
  • The easiest way to get to the circuit from the centre of Valencia is to drive, which should take around 30 minutes using the A3 motorway headed towards Madrid.
  • Leave your car at home on race weekends and take the train to the circuit. The Renfe Cercanía C3 line stops at the circuit.

Where to stay

Circuit Ricardo Tormo is located around 25km west of Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain

  • Click here to view all 2000+ accommodation options in Valencia
City of the Arts & Sciences, Valencia

Track Days

Regular track days take place at Circuit Ricardo Tormo and driving experiences are also available.

  • Learn more about track days on the circuit website: for motorbikes / for cars.
  • Formula GT Group offers driving and passenger experiences at the circuit in a variety of machinery, from single-seaters to sportscars. Prices start from €99. Learn more here.

Google Map

Circuit Map




Language: Spanish
 Visas: Schengen Zone
 In an emergency: Dial 112
 Closest Airport: VL
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  • 2199 Yining Rd, Jiading Qu, Shanghai Shi, China
  • +86 21 6956 9999
  • F1, WEC
  • Shanghai Accommodation


  • Currency : CNY
  • Timezone : UTC + 8
  • Language : Mandarin
  • Visas : 6-day visa free entry
  • In an emergency : Dial 110
  • Closest Airport : PVG/SHA

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