Top 10 Grandstands + 1 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

We sat in all eleven grandstands and the General Admission area during the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix. Here’s our Top 10 grandstands plus 1 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

The Editor attended the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix and sat in every grandstand on Friday during FP1 and FP2. All pictures and videos © &

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1. Platine

The only covered grandstand at the circuit was the last we sat in after a big day at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, so perhaps we are biased. But it offered good protection from the elements, in this case hot sun, but also rain. And it had a great location close to the circuit with a view of the opening two Senna ‘S’ corners.

2. Grandstand 11

Located at the Senna ‘S’ with good elevated views of the start & opening corners, provided you’re sat up high.

3. Grandstand 12

Grandstand 12 on the Senna ‘S’ has squarer views of the opening two corners (not the start). You can also see the city skyline from some seats. Both grandstands on the Senna ‘S’ offer ringside seats for some of the best action at the circuit over the years.

4. Grandstand 34

Awesome panoramic views of the hairpin, cars on both sides of the grandstand.

5. Grandstand 24

Also known as the Lance Stroll Grandstand. Running along the exit of the hairpin; the best seats overlook the cars up close with views over the catch fencing.

6. Grandstand 1

Not enough elevation here for good track and pit views. Lots of low catch fencing in the way and the views of the opening turns are obscured. But still unbeatable for the race build up, start, pit stops and finish.

7. Grandstand 15

Facing the hairpin straight on, but set back from where the circuit used to run with a large runoff area in front. Not as good as 34 or 24.

8. Grandstand 31

Overlooking turns 8 &9. Where Lewis Hamilton hit the wall this year. Access close to the two bridges serving as the circuit entrances over the weekend.

9. Family Grandstand

Located in front of the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau headquarters, the former Canada pavilion from Expo 67. Good view of turns 6 & 7. Nice park atmosphere in this part of the circuit, good access.

10. Grandstand 21

Entrance to the hairpin, not much elevation. Not great views here, mainly obscured by catch fencing. You are very close to the cars in several parts of the stand though, which is a positive.

11. Grandstand 46

Also known as the Popular Grandstand. Further down the straight from 24, no view of the hairpin unfortunately. Decent elevation, but nothing really to see here except cars at speed on the straight. No direct view of the big TV screen at the hairpin.

We didn’t actually sit in the hastily added and poorly positioned Grandstand 47, next to 34. No view of a big screen and facing the water with the cars flying past at high speed. It was the cheapest grandstand, however. Still better than General Admission on a busy race day.

General Admission

There was plenty of space on Friday when we checked out these areas, but they do get a lot busier as the weekend progressed. Good tree cover in some areas near the hairpin, but no elevation anywhere above the catch fencing. Better to go for a grandstand seat, but we still recommend taking a walk around (on Friday for example) to check out some of the different General Admission vantage points. See below for some photos from General Admission at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

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